Kokeshi Matches

Kokeshi Matches add a bit of ‘fun’ to your stressful day

Kokeshi Matches

Fire matches have been surely relegated to one of those mundane objects you dispose off without thinking after their tiny usage period. But how about adding a dash of ‘personality’ to our most common source of fire? Well, Kokeshi Matches does exactly that with affable little faces drawn on their phosphorus tips. These roughly contrived visages range from the mustachioed man to delectable giant pandas. Now, beyond the visual cuteness, we are not sure of other advantages that Kokeshi Matches can offer (like still working in damp conditions or in the rain). But, at the end of a stressful day, you surely can have your seconds of fun staring at those ‘characters’ before striking them in flames for your cigarettes or bonfires.

Kokeshi Matches

Kokeshi Matches

Via: ThatShouldBeMine

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