Kokuyo Roll Table with drawing paper for kids to scribble on

Kokuyo roll table
Little kids often try to scribble on tables or chairs at home. While they try to be great sketch artists or painters, this gesture is strictly prohibited by their parents as they do not want their beautiful furniture units to be a piece of scribbled art. But kids are kids and they’ll do whatever they wish to, if not in the presence of their parents, then may be in their absence. To avoid your furnishings from being scribbled and painted, get home the Kokuyo Roll Table. This is a clever way to package and dispense rolls of kids’ drawing paper designed by Kobe Ishou Sourenjo (a group of 3 young designers) and it lets your little one paint a masterpiece.

The Kokuyo Roll Table is an actual wooden cube around which kids drawing paper is ingeniously swirled. It is big enough to function like a drawing table for a kid, featuring big cavity in the middle to act as a storage space.  Although, we have seen various art easels that hold roll paper that is concealed from our eyes, but this table brings it to the foresight, revealing the many qualities of the roll paper. Your kids will certainly enjoy drawing and scribbling on this table without the fear of getting nagged and this can also be used as a storage space where you can place your kid’s toys or comic books properly.

Kokuyo roll table

The design of the Roll Table was appreciated by Kokuyo (purveyor of fine stationary supplies) Japan, so it also won the first price in 2011 Kokuyo Design Awards. The design was finally commercialized earlier this year and a limited edition of 50 Roll Tables were produced and priced at around 17,000 yen (about $165).

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