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Kora by Kreoo

Kora bathtub is carved out from a single block of marble

Kreoo, is an international design brand with extraordinary creative talent to increases the value of marble characteristics and color options. It was founded by Decormarmi in 2010 with fascinating ideas dedicated to home design. This time they are up with ‘Kora’, a solid marble bathtub. Since it’s carved out from a single block of stone it has no joint marks on the surface, which eventually offers a beautiful uninterrupted effect from one end to the other.

Simultaneously veining patterns found on marble, seamlessly compliments this stunning piece of art. Regardless of being sculpted out from a marble block Kora is considerable lightweight, and is suspended on a matte-black metal base. This arrangement makes it appear as if it’s floating in mid air.

Kora is an exceptional bathtub that will impeccably work well with any mordent bathroom, and is an ideal option for people who love marble but aren’t willing to drape their bathtub in traditional style.

The word ‘Kreoo’ is inspired from a Greek verb ‘Kraino’, which means to produce or to create. Hence the bathtub keep-up to its name, as the designer brand offers to market a pure representation of the marble objects.

Kora by Kreoo

Carved out from a single block of marble block

Kora by Kreoo

Suspended on a matte-black metal base

Via: DecoNiche

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