Kreidezeit blackboard wall clock

Kreidezeit: Blackboard wall clock brings back old school memories

Created by German designer Joern Kreienbringck, Kreidezeit is a cool blackboard wall clock. Despite its circular clock-like design, this timepiece lacks numbers. Instead, it has got a surface similar to a chalkboard for styling up the time-teller using chalk or chalk-markers.

You can personalize the clock face design for special occasions and events in different chalk colors. All you need is a piece of chalk and your imagination to decorate this contemporary home accessory. The users can even write down the numbers around its face, exactly like a standard wall clock.

Besides that, the surface of this wall clock can also be used to illustrate your graphics or text messages. Like an old school blackboard, the surface of the clock can be cleaned with a sponge.

Kreidezeit is a playful take on traditional timepieces, and certainly perfect to jot down reminders for your loved ones. It also offers a great way to teach children how to read time, while drawing desire figures on the surface. You can purchase the blackboard wall clock online for €30 (approx. US $33).

Kreidezeit blackboard wall clock

Kreidezeit is a playful take on traditional wall clocks

Kreidezeit blackboard wall clock

You can style up the clock’s surface using chalk or chalk-markers

Via: DesignSpotter

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