Ksenia Penkina’s mirror glazed mousse cakes are too perfect to eat

Confectioner Ksenia Penkina has taken the internet by storm with her mirror glazed mousse cakes that are too perfect to dig your fork in. They are unbelievably shiny that one could actually see their reflection in the mirrored surface, which obviously makes you stare at them all day long.

According to Penkina, it takes three days to make one mousse cake – as each confection is made with quite unique techniques. However, they are made of all-natural ingredients, including real cream, milk, fruits and berries, biscuits, and premium chocolates.

Each layer of mousse must be set before adding another layer on top. This is the most time-consuming part of making these mirrored cakes. Although each step is easy, but the ‘waiting or the setting time’ is more. That’s why each cake needs to be started at least three days beforehand.

Made from starch and covered with chocolates-based mirror glaze, each cake is beautifully finished with a marbled mirror glaze, which makes these sweet treats look deeply satisfying. Besides making such eye-pleasing and delicious cakes, Penkina also teaches how to make mousse cakes, mirror glaze, and other interesting recipes.

Find everything you need to know about her baking techniques on her official website and also follow her on Instagram for regular updates.


Mirror glazed mousse cakes by Ksenia Penkina


Mousse cake with a marbled mirror glaze


These sweet treats look deeply satisfying


You can even see your reflection in these cakes


Made from starch and covered with chocolates-based mirror glaze


Each piece takes three days to make

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