Jacobsen's L 460 speakers

L 460 speakers subtly fuse circular style with Rams’ vision

Jacobsen's L 460 speakers

Circular speakers do have their own essence of style quotient. B&O’s contemporary BeoPlay A9 speakers have already exhibited that superlative trend, and now we have come across Braun’s unique L 460 wall-mounted speakers introduced way back in 1967. Showcasing a symmetrical circular bearing, Jacobsen’s L 460 clearly took a different design route than the usual linearity adopted by Braun’s master designer Dieter Rams. In fact, the L 460 was envisaged as an alternative accompaniment to the TS 45 wall-mounted control unit. However, some elements of this conception were subtly in sync with Rams’ vision, including the materials and the color composition of the speakers.

Jacobsen's L 460 speakers

In terms of materials, the L 460 speakers utilized aluminum mesh and lacquered wood. And, in spite of the specimen’s 46 years of life period, a better part of its composition is still in very good condition (with the mesh showing a flat facade without dents, and the coloring also showcasing a pretty good order).

Jacobsen's L 460 speakers

Finally, as for pricing and availability of the fully functional Jacobsen’s L 460 speakers, the pair of contrivances will set you back by £500 ($780). It is available on Das Programm, a collector’s site entirely dedicated to Dieter Rams designs for Braun and Vitsœ, and Braun products commercially designed between 1955 and 1995.

Dimensions:  40 x 10.7 (in cm)

Jacobsen's L 460 speakers

Via: DasProgramm

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