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La Balade Des Gnomes is world’s most unusual hotel making fairytale fantasies true

La Balade Des Gnomes by Dominic Noel

La Balade Des Gnomes is a hotel designed to captivate your imagination about fairytales with its ten unusual rooms. It is transformed from an ordinary farm house to a magical tourist resort by its owner and architect Dominic Noel with the help of local imaginative artisans in Durbuy, Belgium. The architect was inspired by fairytale world for creating each room in this hotel. The unique feature of the hotel is its unique Trojan horse suite for guests, designed in the shape of a horse but actually looks like a wooden cow.

Every room in this hotel is best described by the names given to these rooms, including Macquarie Island room with a boat shaped bed which appears as if you’re onboard a wooden boat sailing in big blue water body. Another suite inspired by spacecraft makes you feel as if you are inside a spaceship with a running stream and goldfish by your bedside. The design of these rooms and décor items placed to decorate the suites have a great influence from Greek history and medieval castles. The suites are filled with starry nights with glowing stars on ceiling, crooked windows and wooden toadstools, making each room a fantasy world.

If you are an imaginative person, then you will surely enjoy the stay in this magical hotel. The owner charges €120-€220 ($164-$301) per night for stay in Trojan horse suite and €62-€154 ($85-$211) for other rooms offering unique experience to the guests. The price is no issue if you get to relive your childhood fantasies for once again.

Via: OddityCentral

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