Lago’s smart furniture can interact with people

Lago’s Smart Furniture can Interact With People

Italian furniture maker Lago unveiled their project of the Talking Furniture with an aim to combine modern technology with interior design elements. They are using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to let homeowners interact with furniture pieces. These high-tech smart furniture pieces come with built-in passive microchip that connects them with smartphone to share stories, provide product information and display their memories.

Daniele Lago, CEO and creative director at Lago said;

With the goal of putting the individual in the centre, we created an app that can dialogue with our users0020and provide, even offline, useful information about our products. Talking Furniture is a flexible project that can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including shops and public spaces, originating a vast range of possibilities.

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It is a kind of smart furniture that helps owners remembering all memories related to them. The Talking Furniture helps in preserving memories and life that happens around a specific product. It not only provides the technical information about a product, but also lifestyle content to get the most out of that furniture piece. It can provide you with recipes in the kitchen and bedtime stories in the childrens’ room. With the companion mobile app, you can record photos, audio and video, which would be saved in the memory of the furniture for future use.

You just need to bring your smartphone near the integrated chip, and it will automatically connect to the companion mobile app to provide the exact information about a specific product outrightly.

The company has launched the updated version of this interactive furniture at the Milano Design Week 2016. It has also been awarded Innovation Award during Smau Milano 2017.

Lago’s smart furniture can interact with people

Image: TheDesignSpeaking

Image: TheDesignSpeaking

Image: TheDesignSpeaking

Image: Lago

Lago’s smart furniture can interact with people

Image: Lago

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