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Lake-side Urban Treehouse in Berlin can be rented for $220 a night

Urban Treehouse for rent in Germany

Looking to trip to the south west of Berlin this summer? If you are, then here is a new modern habitat for your dwelling. The Urban Treehouse by Suite.030. Not ideally a treehouse but a living space built on an elevated platform, the Urban Treehouse offers picturesque view of the Schlachtensee Lake and the Krumme Lanke both on the edge of the Grunewald forest in Berlin, Germany. The inspiring treehouse, surrounded by a 650 square meter garden and a beautiful terrace, is an ideal vacation home for elders and kids.

Urban Treehouse for rent in Germany-2

Available on rent – maximum for a year, the Urban Treehouse has a 4 meter high ceiling and 28 square meter wide living area which doubles as a bedroom, thanks to a 1.80 x 2 meter sofa bed installed in the space. The studio home comes complete with a modern kitchen and a bathroom with a shower. The lake-side Urban Treehouse can be rented out for €160 (approx. $220) a night. It can also be booked for a week or annually for €865 (approx. $1,200) and €5556 (approx. $7680) respectively.

Urban Treehouse for rent in Germany-1

Urban Treehouse for rent in Germany-3

Via: Suite.030

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