Latch smart lock

Latch smart lock aims at multi-occupancy apartment blocks

While there are numerous smart locks available on the market, but all these high-tech security devices are meant for an individual homeowner. If you live in a rented apartment, then obviously you don’t have permission to change the lock as per your convenience. But Latch wants to change that for once and for all, therefore the company has come up with a smart lock that’s designed for multi-occupancy apartment blocks.

Aiming to hit real estate companies or luxury apartment buildings, the agents can now show off smart locked apartments to their tech-savvy potential buyers. Both renters and real estate companies can enjoy the benefits of this smart door lock. It is designed to be unlocked only by a key, a passcode, or a smartphone. So the owner of a luxury apartment building can provide tenants the access to the lock/unlock through their standard rental agreement.

For security purposes, renters will be discouraged to pass out keys or passcodes to others. Tenants will be able to issue temporary passcodes only to specific visitors like family members and close friends. Latch comes with setting options that unlock the door as soon as your smart phone is within range. This smart lock even includes a hidden camera, which will photograph guests when they’re at the door. Latch smart lock has raised a total of $16 million in funding to bring its first smart lock to market.

According to some reports, two buildings in Manhattan have already implemented Latch security system in total 435 units just for testing. After testing and available feedbacks, the final product will be launched commercially. The cost of the smart lock is expected to be somewhere near $1,000 when it officially hits the market.

Latch smart lock

Smart lock aimed at apartment buildings

Latch smart lock

Smartphone-controlled lock

Via: TheVerge

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