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Laurastar world’s smartest iron

Laurastar unveils world’s smartest iron with automatic steam feature

To commemorate Laurastar’s (world leader in high-end domestic ironing systems) 25th anniversary, Cambridge Consultants helped the company to create the world’s smartest iron. The intuitive iron has been integrated with motion sensors to automatically apply steam on your clothing for perfect and long-lasting creases on your garments.

The automatic steam feature instantly spreads tiny water droplets from a separate boiler during the forward sweep, and instantaneously switch the steam off for the backward sweep. This smart feature not only removes wrinkles on your clothes and sets the fabric in a single ergonomic action, but also reduces the time required to complete your task.

There is also a cooling fan in the ironing board to actuate the device when you’re using it. The design team has brilliantly integrated smart sensors and electronics into the system to meet its industrial design and compatibility. Even certain control signals are being generated within the ironing board to automatically maintain heating balance. Meanwhile, it also helps in avoiding the iron’s lead becoming any stiffer, thus it reduces ironing times by 50-percent.

Total duration of 18 months was required for complete designing, patenting and production processes. The result is a perfect smart iron that’s created at the time of Laurastar’s 25th anniversary. For more information, visit Cambridge Consultants.

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