Le Beanock

Le Beanock – A comfy cross between a bean bag and a hammock

Le Beanock

Is it a bean bag, is it a hammock? No! It is both and none. Okay, now for those who have grown tired of our zen inspired philosophy; the above pictured conception is actually christened as the ‘Le Beanock’. And, yes; as can be deduced from this portmanteau, the comfy conception is a cross between a bean bag and a hammock. So, basically the scope is almost akin to a bed (instead of cloth material) suspended between ceiling based support members. And the great part about this 60’s inspired design is that given Le Beanock’s more ‘formal and bulky’ credentials, it can be used for a variety of home oriented areas including family rooms, kid rooms, balconies and of course the conventional pop-culture fueled backyard.

The designers have also thought of a more expansive commercial ambit for the ingeniously conceived Le Beanock. In this regard, the user can actually choose the background color of the bean bag, while the company would provide its logo and a contrasting fabric color underneath this scheme. This ‘customized’ technique opens up opportunities for Le Beanock’s utilization in events like office parties and outdoor meets.

Price range – $500 – $775


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