Le Salon Géologique trunk

Le Salon Géologique trunk on wheels lets you build your own furniture

In collaboration with Yto Barrada, designer Stéphanie Marin has created a nomadic furniture piece called Le Salon Géologique. It is a nomadic trunk on wheels that’s composed of a set of colored units in different densities, blocks, bricks, blocks or charts and colored velvet triangles.

When closed it looks like a small wooden cupboard, but on opening it reveals several colorful elements that can be used to create comfortable seats. Using the vibrant and velvet components, lying within the trunk, the user can create different types of comfortable seats, as per their comfort level.

To create different furniture units, you can use the wooden trunk as a solid base, and place different cushions on its surface and around it for relaxing in utmost comfort. For instance, the soft cushions can be used to create a comfy couch or an additional bed to accommodate your extra guests. When not it use, all the cushions can be stored back inside the truck until needed again.

The best part of this nomadic furniture on wheels is that it can be located easily without much hassle. All you need to do is, give it a little push and take it to any desired room where you require additional seating units or bedding. The colorful components are likely to blend into any interior with ease, thus makes a perfect contemporary furnishing for modern homes.

This dynamic piece of furniture will be exhibited at Utopia Festival, Museum M, Leuven, Belgium from September 30, 2016, through January 17, 2017.

Le Salon Géologique trunk

It consists of several units of different densities, colors, and shapes

Le Salon Géologique trunk

The nomadic trunk on wheels lets the user build their own furniture

Le Salon Géologique trunk

The solid body of the trunk acts as base and other components form soft seating surface

Le Salon Géologique trunk

Soft cushion that’s stored inside the trunk

Le Salon Géologique trunk

The trunk on wheels can be taken to any desired place with ease

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