Leaf House – Mobile Home for Adventure Seeking Nomads

Nothing else compares to the joy of seeing places with your home hooked on to your wheels. And if this very tiny house on wheels is a paradise to live in, then you can’t ask for more in life. The Leaf House by Laird Herbert is made with cedar siding, tongue and groovy joinery, steel studs and triplet pane windows and now it is on sale, so you better take your chances. Carrying a price tag of $44,500 with 215 square feet of amazing living space the Leaf House is your dwelling for all seasons especially if you are an adventure seeker.

The trailer is designed in such a way that it has ample space for sleeping and also a spot in the living area for making your guests feel at home complete with sofa bed. There is a dining area, full-size kitchen, full bathroom with small bathtub and composting toilet. Surely this Leaf House is for people who like to live their life out of their home and probably enjoy a sound sleep as the stars traverse during a long journey.

Via: Inthralld

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