Lego beer tap by Jimmy Fortel

LEGO Beer Tap heightens your urge for chilled beer

If you aren’t 21 years old or under legal drinking age as described by the law of your country, then this article isn’t for you so – EXIT right now. When you’re completed exhausted and your senses seems to leave you, nothing beats an ice cold beer as a refreshing element.

Jimmy Fortel of ‘JBF Creations’ is a French artist who uses Lego parts to create attractive sculptures. He soon realized a link between beer and building. So, when the two collided, a fantastic blocky Lego beer tap with a draught beer fount and a glass being filled was created. He built it for an exhibition at the Vinochope bar and the heart shaped logo right on top represents a local beer ‘The Brave’ of the Brewery Art of Joy.

The beer tap will not for sure solve world hunger problem or cure cancer but will definitely look seriously good in any interiors. Jimmy Fortel also creates designs for t-shirts as well as logos but Legos always remains his favorite tools for creations.

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