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Lego Chicken McNugget dispenser

Lego Chicken McNugget dispenser pops out fast food for €2 coin

Keeping aside nutritional benefits and calories, McDonald’s fast food items are truly a palatable delight for those who loves snacking all the time. So, what if you could enjoy your favorite snack anytime in your office? Well, your secret desire is now a reality in form of this cool McNugget vending machine that’s made entirely out of Lego bricks.

Although the machine is made from tiny toy bricks, but its interior mechanisms are able to process money and dispense food like a conventional vending machine. The red and yellow Lego Chicken McNugget dispenser is a cool toy invention that pops out your favorite McDonald’s fast food in exchange for just €2 coin, however it rejects any other currency. Once the proper price is paid, the McNugget dispenser serves up boxes of the brand’s chicken nuggets and dipping sauce.

Powered by Lego Mindstorms, the snacking bank can be accessed via key on the back of the device, so you can easily stock your required amount of snack and sauce dips inside. The built-in electronics function on a trigger system with a light that is switched on once the money is placed inside. Finally, the light indication alters the motor to push the sauce and nuggets out of the storage compartment.

It is a great device for an office desk to enjoy your snack time quickly before a conference call or a meeting. Check out the video given below to see it in action, after this you’ll surely be craving for this tiny Lego vending machine.

Via: TheVerge

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