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Lego-inspired Apartments

Lego-inspired interior gives this modern apartment a mischievous twist

Taiwan-based interior designing firm HAO Design has creatively transformed interiors of a contemporary apartment into an imaginative and colorful space. Imagined for clients and their love of Lego, the entire 122-square-meter apartment is union of functionality and creativity.

However, it would be wrong to say that the complete apartment is paying homage to Lego; the designers have very cleverly used colorful brick theme as reference to transform the interior into a pleasing and playful space. The interior centered around the elevated sitting area features a Lego play pond, located in the middle of the sitting area.

Working as a lounge, play space and toy storage area, the floor is designed in a way to accommodate a sunken circular blue sofa with a ball pit. Focusing on space utilization, Lego-inspired drawers are being introduced for additional storage in the idle space beneath the elevated sitting area.

Themed around bright colors of Lego, the kitchen with bright orange color cabinets has a large marble island resting on custom-built blocks. The blocks work as drawers for storing kitchen appliances.

Offering diverse shelving unit options, the theme continues until bedroom to bring an essence of playfulness to living space.

Lego-inspired Apartments

Lego play pond with built-in blue sofa

Lego-inspired Apartments

Kitchen island-cum-dining table with custom-designed blocks

Lego-inspired Apartments

Blocks also work as drawers to store kitchen appliances

Lego-inspired Apartments

Kids bedroom with floor-to-ceiling colorful storage walls

Lego-inspired Apartments

Master bedroom supporting white floor-to-ceiling storage walls with some pop-up color cabinets

Via: Contemporist

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