Less Armchair

Less Armchair Proves That Indeed ‘Less is More’

At the very first sight, the armchair here may appear like a cubic table and you might be even surprised by its name – Less armchair as it doesn’t look like a chair at all. But, you definitely will get more surprised about seeing how this cube transforms into a comfy armchair when the user sits on it.

Hungarian designer Attila Jónás thought out of the box and created this interesting design of a simple armchair. When you sit on this armchair, soft cushion in the middle of the square is squeezed internally by your weight, while the outer hard surface remains in their place acting as the supporting armrests and backrest.

The peculiar chair features the soft inner core made up of spongy memory foam (viscoelastic polyurethane foam) whereas the outer three sides supporting the core structure is made of hard polyurethane foam. Each of the parts of this armchair is covered by elastic textile.  This extraordinary design won a Bronze A’ Design Award at A’ Design Award and Competition 2012-2013.

The minimalist design was born out of the idea of creating a functional design which is an art as well that is simple and beautiful where less is more. The Less armchair (when not in use) looks like a cubical bench measuring 90cm x 90cm x 90cm.

Despite its rigid design and cubical appearance, it is very soft and comfortable when you sit on it.  It is available in various colors so that you can buy the one that perfectly matches the interior of your room.

Less Armchair by Attila Jonas

Less Armchair by Attila Jonas

Less Armchair by Attila Jonas


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