Let's Eat! dining table

‘Let’s Eat!’ dining table supported by giant forks and knives!

As compared to other kitchen specific designs, dining tables have fortunately evolved in their conceptions to cater to a wide range of consumers. This ‘evolutionary trend’ has led to an amusing scope in the case of ‘Let’s Eat!’ dining table by Barcelona-based studio Tcherassi Vilató. In this regard, the design exhibits a conventional wood-finished (achieved by detachable strips of solid wood) counter with plenty of surface space for the diners. However, the playful novelty of the ambit lies in the bottom section of the furniture with the support legs mimicking giant forks and knives. This Alice in Wonderland-esque scope was achieved by iron laser-cut legs that offer credible support to the well-built trayed base.

Let's Eat! dining table

In terms of practicality, the Let’s Eat! design does go beyond the whimsicality of oversized cutlery. For example, the giant forks are utilized in the middle, thus allowing them to double up as firm, right-angled supports for the central part of the table. On the other hand, the knives are used as side supports because of their advantage of having an angular bearing. The end result boasts of a dining table design that is eccentrically amusing in its aesthetics, and yet structural solid in its construction.

Let's Eat! dining table

Materials and dimensions of the various table models; according to the designers:

  • Iron trayed base lacquered in white or black
  • Iron trayed base available in natural grey
  • Iron trayed base also available in steel
  • Solid wood top
  • Small – W 2.00 x D 1.20 x H o.78m 
  • Medium – W 3.00 x D 1.20 x H 0.78m 
  • Large – W 4.50 x D 1.20 x H 0.78m 
  • Start at €2,894 (~$3,290)

Let's Eat! dining table

Via: Tcherassi-Vilató

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