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Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes promote economical and eco-friendly lifestyle

Lancaster-based James and Rosemary Stoltzfus, a dynamic husband-wife duo is revolutionizing the Tiny Home Movement with their new venture, Liberation Tiny Homes. Started with the motive to offer economical, environmentally friendly and responsible lifestyle to everyone, the duo has been building an Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) that are both economical and durable in nature.

Advocating simple lifestyle with utmost comfort and elegance, the tiny houses built by Liberation Tiny Homes is bridging gap between dreams and reality. Offering traditional and modern living the moveable homes features living area, full kitchen, sleeping loft and a compact bathroom. Built in 170-square-foot interior, each house is made using space-saving techniques, thus offering residents a comfortable stay.

Keeping inhabitant’s financial constraint in mind, the tiny home is available in three stages. For example: THOW Stage 1 Shell which features custom $10,000 trailer, standard 2×4 framing and metal roofing costs $12,000, while THOW Stage 2 Shell that costs $18,000 is Stage 1 Shell with vinyl windows and custom panel sliding.

THOW’s complete package costs $37,500, which includes complete tiny house, with fully equipped appliances, cedar sidings, electrical system with LED lighting, water lines and burner propane cooktop.

The innovative concept of mobile homes not only gives you chance to live a mortgage free life but also helps you in reconnecting with nature and people again. Thanks to Liberation Tiny Homes and husband-wife duo, now many will get the chance to take time out from the hustle-bustle of city and enjoy nature with their loved ones.

Liberation Tiny Homes

Moveable tiny home by James and Rosemary Stoltzfus

Liberation Tiny Homes

The tiny homes offer economically and environmentally responsible lifestyle

Liberation Tiny Homes

View of the Tiny House on Wheels from inside

Living area with sleeping loft

Living area with sleeping loft on top

Full kitchen with propane burner cooktop and sink

Full kitchen with propane burner cooktop and sink

Compact bathroom with showerhead.

Compact bathroom with showerhead.

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