LiftEye virtual window for elevators will transform passenger experience


In spite of living in skyscrapers, or working out of the high-rises, we often remain aloof to the kind of height we are climbing in those elevators. To lets us realize, and experience the external environment of the building while traveling up and down the lift, LiftEye Ltd. has created the LiftEye – a new kind of realistic virtual window for elevators. First of its kind window system for elevators, the LiftEye transforms the lift into a panoramic lift which features three High-Definition LCD widescreen monitors installed on the walls. These transform passengers’ experience, allowing them to watch live streaming of the environment outside the building.

The monitors in the LiftEye are attached to small cameras installed outside the building. The cameras relay live feed of how it is outside the building. The cameras relay high-definition 3D images of what is happening outside, allowing passengers in the lift to view environment outside the building and to see the actual height they are moving at, inside the elevator. LiftEye can be installed for cost of about $50,000 – $500,000. If you are fascinated with the architectural brilliance, you can see it live at the CTBUH Shanghai International Conference later this year.

Via: ArchitectureAndDesign

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