Lighthouse security camera uses 3D-sensing to identify people and pets

Lighthouse, an independent startup backed by Android creator Andy Rubin, has unveiled a new home security camera that uses deep machine learning and 3D sensing technology. Using the smart technology, this home monitoring system is able to determine who is in the house, what room they are in, and distinguish between people and pets.

Besides all that, the security system provides relevant information like whether your dog has been walked today and when your children got home. The Lighthouse kit includes an RGB camera, 3D sensor, speaker, microphone and siren. The camera has night vision and can capture 1080p videos. This means the smart security camera serves as your 24×7 home assistant.

It comes with a companion app supporting Android and iOS devices and it connects over Wi-Fi to learn who to expect in your house on daily basis and also warns you if there is an unauthorized entry in the house. Moreover, it allows you to tag your friends and relatives to provide them easy access into your home. Furthermore, the mobile app even features voice recognition similar to Siri or Google Assistant to let the users ask questions and give commands.

The Lighthouse smart camera is available for pre-order now and shipping will begin in September. You can get the device for US$399 along with one year free service (after that you need to pay US$10 per month for the service). If you pay US$499 you’ll get three years service, whereas five years service is available for US$599.

For more information, visit the official website.


Incorporates 3D-sensing technology


Smart technology helps the device to distinguish between people and pets


Technical specifications of the security camera


It comes with a companion mobile app


Smart security camera


Compact design makes it easy to fit anywhere on a side table, end table or bookshelves

Via: Verge

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