Wooden Folding chair by Pawel Kochanski

Lightweight and comfortable wooden folding chair by Pawel Kochanski

Wooden Folding chair by Pawel Kochanski

The most exciting folding chair for me has been the Doppel Gan Gar C1-71 folding chair. In comparison, it is really lightweight and portable. This folding chair here, designed by Polish designer Pawel Kochanski may not be anywhere close to the C1-71 in size or portability, but it is certainly more compact when folded, than other wooden chairs you must have seen. A result of thorough understanding of comfort and functionality, this folding chair is made as a transport seat, which can be lugged around easily by anyone. Made only in 15mm thick plywood, and despite its uniqueness, the chair is extremely comfortable. Surprisingly the chair’s dimensions are in comparison with a person’s ergonomic requirements and the dimensions of hand luggage (so it can be easily carried).

Wooden folding chair

Meeting its design objectives thoroughly, the folding chair is lightweight thanks to its construction based on four frames. Each frame is smaller than the previous frame, which allows each frame to fit into the other seamlessly at the time of folding. All the frames rotate on a 30mm diameter wooden tube, while a smaller wooden tube with a similar diameter is used the chair from unfolding.

Wooden folding chair design

Folding chair

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