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Nendo Baccarat Harcourt chess set

Limited edition Harcourt chess set by Nendo for Baccarat’s 250th anniversary

Nendo Baccarat Harcourt chess set

Are you familiar with Baccarat’s celebrated Harcourt glass designs? It’s one of the most elegant forms of glass cut designs you’ll ever see. In order to mark its 250th anniversary celebrations, French luxury crystal house Baccarat has teamed up with Japanese design studio Nendo to create limited edition Harcourt chess set. Comprising of immaculately hand-cut 32 pieces made in midnight blue and clear crystals (instead of the traditional black and white), each piece epitomizes Baccarat’s glass-making skills and Nendo’s design masterclass.

Nendo Baccarat Harcourt chess set

On the very artistically made chessboard, the clear and midnight crystal pieces shine gracefully in subtle diffusion of light, illuminated by the board. The chess pieces shaped in form of hem of queen’s robe, king’s crown and bishop mitre are graced further with their elaborate glass cutting. All pieces on the chessmen chess set are made with utmost precision since more than 200 hours of labor has gone into perfecting the cut on a single piece. There is no word on price or how many units of this gorgeous chess set will be available.

Nendo Baccarat Harcourt chess set Nendo Baccarat Harcourt chess set

Via: DesignBoom

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