Link room divider beautifully separates one area from another

Giving multifunctional makeover to a small space is quite challenging, but all thanks to contemporary room dividers you can now easily add partition within a room. Taking these room dividers to whole new level, Link by FitzFelt is a clever screening system made from repeated hexagonal-shaped modules.

These hexagonal modules can be attached on any side using a simple tab and slot design. The best thing about Link room divider units is that you can assemble and rebuild them into something new anytime. This provides you flexibility to change the look and feel of any interior using the same room divider.

The fully-customizable and modular units help you to create a division that can add right amount of texture, color, and opacity to any space. These modules can have perforations that soften the shape, while allowing light to pass through. Level of transparency can be controlled on a scale of 0 to 80-percent; depending on the type and number of modules you’ve attached.

Whether the space is large or small, bright or dim- you can turn it into a functional segment in a beautiful manner. All components are made from 100-percent wool felt that’s further CNC cut to form intricate patterns.
Available in 60 color options, Link hexagonal modules can easily change look of your living space, while matching any contemporary home interior. FitzFelt Link is priced at $3 per piece, whereas the headers are available for $25.


Clever screening system to form partition between spaces


The modular units can be assembled and rearranged whenever you want


The modules are made from wool felt


Various modules can be assembled to form an intricate room divider


The level of transparency can be controlled, depending on the number of modules used

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