Litos modular wine storage system

Litos modular wine storage system evokes visual contrast

Litos modular wine storage system

We have had the fortune of coming across a few innovative wine storage systems, ranging from LED upcycled racks to transforming wine coolers. This time around the scope is much more simplistic with the focus being on core aesthetics. We are of course talking about the ‘Litos’, a modular wine storage system that exhibits its essence of pure contrast. Designed by Alberto Villarreal of San Francisco, the Litos comprises of an alternate arrangement of wooden blocks crafted from exquisite walnut hardwood and stone textured blocks made of concrete.

Litos modular wine storage system

These blocks are shaped specifically so as to be fitted easily along their groove. This makes it easy for the user to assemble them in a customized manner by stacking them one atop the other. However, beyond the usability scope, it is the essence of contrast that gives its aesthetic value to the Litos. In this regard, we can see the dark stain of the wood (which ironically is the ‘soft’ element) contrasting with the white composition of the concrete (which again is the ‘hard’ element). This juxtaposition of two almost opposite colors complemented by the ‘role reversal’ of the materials (in relation to their sturdiness) – presents a unique visual as well as symbolic side to the Litos wine storage system.

Litos modular wine storage system

Litos modular wine storage system

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