Relive Your Tiny House Fantasy by Renting ‘Kinetohaus’ on Airbnb

Interested in tiny house living concept? You can surely live your tiny house fantasy by renting one on Airbnb. Kinetohaus, meaning “moving house,” has been listed on Airbnb by Davis Richardson for avid travelers. Currently located at Austin, the tiny house on wheels was built by Richardson when he was pursuing his M.Arch I at UTSOA.

The 240-square-feet mobile home sits on a flatbed trailer and designed to take the inhabitants wherever they want to go, unlike conventional buildings. The interior includes a living room, a lofted bedroom, a reading space, a full kitchen equipped with a gas range, refrigerator, and washer/dryer combo unit. There is also a dining and workspace area to enjoy meals and work peacefully.

It took about nine weeks to complete the tiny house for $25,000 with no professional construction labor. With 10-percent of the building footprint of a typical house, this mobile home is installed with rigid foam board and spray-insulation with central heating and smart A/C unit. There is also a tankless water heater to supply warm water for daily use.

All these elements make this tiny home a much more sustainable and economical living space that any American housing. You can book Kinetohaus tiny house for R$483 (US$128) per night. For checking availability and booking, visit Airbnb website.


Fully-equipped kitchen


Lofted bedroom


Cozy sleeping area


Seating area


Flatscreen TV for entertainment


Indoor plants


Small working space (left), exterior (right)


Sketch of Kinetohaus

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