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Cubitat by Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio

How about living inside a colossal Rubik’s cube?

Well, Toronto-based developer Urban Capital has collaborated with Venice-based Nichetto Studio to answer this question with a standalone prototype home- Cubitat. This Rubik’s cube shaped structure shrinks complete home attributes into one tiny cube. The cubical futuristic home was showcased at Toronto’s Interior Design Show, which ran until January 25.

Interior of the cube is clad in wood, while the exterior features velvety matte laminate. The prefabricated 10 x 10 x 10-feet cube hides all areas of the house behind its tiny columns. This huge cube with densely packed units houses a bathroom, kitchen, bed, storage and laundry. The retractable bed can be pulled out from one side, while another side is built with fully-equipped kitchen facilities. On the third side, there are laundry and ample storage units.

To access the bathroom, you need to take few more steps to rearrange the blocks, just like in the Rubik’s cube. It is indeed an amazing small home concept for comfortable living. This all-in-one living cube can easily transform any space into an apartment. The Cubitat prefab home could be a revolutionary solution for people who often move from one place to another, as it can move along with you to wherever you go.

Cubitat by Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio

The cubical unit comprises of all facilities required in any apartment

Cubitat by Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio

The retractable bed and kitchen area

Cubitat by Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio

The wardrobe and other storage units

Cubitat by Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio

Elegant bathroom design with compact shower

Via: Slate

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