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Lotus Flow by Rodrigo Capati

Lotus Flow is Flower-Shaped Air Purifier and Light

Australia-based designer Rodrigo Capati has created an air purifying system in shape of lotus flower named Lotus Flow. The device acts as a beautiful lighting system and home décor object that can be controlled using your Internet-connected smartphone or tablet.

It comes with a mobile app supporting all Android/iOS devices, allowing you to monitor the quality of air and change the lighting effects of a room it is placed in. Moreover, you can also open or close petals of this air purifier through your smartphone, depending on your preference – whether you like it as a full bloomed flower or an enclosed bud.

Using your smartphone devices, you can constantly keep a check on a couple of things which include quality of air within your house, the functionality of the purifier. It sends an alert on your smartphone when its parts need to be replaced.

You just need to connect the device to your smartphone through the app and you’re ready to use it from any corner of your home. This brilliant design is also on Electrolux Design Lab 2014 and has secured a place in the top 35 semi-finalists.

Lotus Flow’s outer petals are made of an electroluminescent fabric with a hydrophobic coating that helps in drawing dust and pollutants towards its outer and inner air filters. The inner core sucks the dust particles into its cleaning chamber to provide you pollution-free air. The air filtration system includes activated carbon and HEPA filters to absorb even the micro-sized dust and pollutants for a clean and fresh environment inside the home.

The system also comes with UV light technology for killing bacteria and has a negative air ionizer to produce clean air. It is installed with a fan that pulls in unfiltered air for sterilization and releases purified air back into the room.

By merging the natural form of a flower with technology, Capati has proved that even technology can come in delicate decorative forms.

Lotus Flow by Rodrigo Capati

Lotus Flow controlled using a tablet

Lotus Flow by Rodrigo Capati

Decorative Lotus Flow cleaning air and scattering lighting within a room

Lotus Flow by Rodrigo Capati

Lotus Flow in an enclosed shape like a flower bud

Credit: YankoDesign

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