LÖV umbrella stand utilizes every drop of rain water for planting herbs

Lean Huang, a Hong Kong-based designer’s self-identified final year project for Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, emphasizes on junk food consumption in London. Especially for students who depend more on convenience when considering food option. Taking her idea forward, Lean decided to create a planter to grow herbs and vegetables at home which she named LÖV.

This is a new generation umbrella stand with plant pot holders and built-in light for the dark hours. A loop on the top and flat surface on the bottom distinguishes this umbrella stand-cum-planter fit for any modern home interiors. Its design is inspired by traditional lanterns, which are portable and affordable.

Its vertical design holds your wet umbrella, and gravity plays its part by draining every drop of rain water into the planter. As an added benefit, the umbrella stand also renders ambient lighting to make your interiors lively.

LÖV consumes less space, provides light for plants and helps them to grow in simple and convenient way. The umbrella stand definitely suited for the tropical countries that receive more rains than normal throughout the year.

LÖV is a flat pack stand which comes with two rods, two plant pot mounts and a loop, which is easy to assemble. Not only for homes, but this umbrella stand can be a viable option for offices and hotels.Surely it is a design solution which will encourage and motivate people to grow their own vegetables/herbs and adopt green lifestyle.

Umbrella stand with plant pot mounts

LÖV umbrella stand desgined by Lean Huang

Credit: DesignMilk


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