Loventra line of luxury candle holders is inspired by intrinsic love

Inspiration comes a range of factors around us, some high flung and some even pretty mundane. However, the intrinsic yet all consuming love has always been the driving force for much of artistic stimulation, be it paintings or songs. In this regard, artist and designer Akii Juliushi has conceived his line of Loventra candle holders, where love holds the central theme. Exquisite in their bearing and original in their essence, these ‘sculptures’ insinuate both harmony and perfection at the same time.

Unique furniture always manages to successfully showcase the individuality of the owner. This imbues a sense of originality inside the home, thus embellishing the overall spatial nature. The Loventra exactly fits this purpose, with its integrated essence of beauty and romanticism. For example, when the whole house has had a power failure, the candle holders can pose as antediluvian saviors offering those small islands of luminescence in the dark.

The form of the candle holder is also very important, with its literal and simplistic representation of love (by holding hands) between two people. This sculptural depiction can set the right mood for those intimate romantic dates set within the confines of your house.

Finally, according to its creator, the Loventra is steeped in ideal and naturalistic symbolism. The whole conception has been crafted from natural components, and signifies the union of both earth and fire. This fascinating link also symbolizes man’s quintessential search for warmth and light. This search is made easier with the support of his near and dear ones. Price – €335 (approx. US$432)

Via: Loventra

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