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Lucio solar-powered table also uses natural light to power your gadgets

Lucio Solar powered table by Studio Natural

Solar-powered tables to charge gadgets are found in plenty out there, but there is still scope for a table that does more than storing sunlight to charge our electronic device. Enter Lucio, a table with embedded solar panels that uses both sunlight and natural light inside the house to power your smartphones and tablets. Developed by Italian creative house, Studio Natural, the ingenious table takes advantage of all kinds of light inside the domestic walls to provide constant charge to your gadgets irrespective of time.

Lucio Solar powered table by Studio Natural

We live inside homes constantly dominated by light – sunlight during the day and natural lighting during the late hours. Lucio that takes advantage of something that exists permanently in our living space is then certainly a clever idea. And since the solar-powered table is self-sufficient, it can be easily placed away from the wall socket and used as an item of décor in the living space.

Lucio Solar powered table by Studio Natural

Lucio Solar powered table by Studio Natural-3

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