Lucy - A foldable table

Lucy: A foldable table with the intrinsic style factor

Lucy - A foldable table

Folding tables of the past have been by default a bit mundane on their visual quotient. This is perhaps not that surprising given that functionality of a folding furniture takes precedence over its appearance. However, designer Alexander Lervik aims to change this ‘lazy’ fad with his aesthetically pleasing folding conception. Christened as Lucy (which admittedly is a bit on the creepier side), this folding table for Swedish furniture company Johanson Design exhibits a classy red support framework against the backdrop of its minimalist white counter.

This visually enticing framework is also the main functional element of the whole furniture item. Exhibiting an innovative folding leg mechanism, the legs ‘automatically’ lock into their upright positions when the table is motioned to be folded out. This convenient locking is achieved by the S-shaped slot (seen in the last image) that allows the fluid movement of the legs rods through its carved out space. Furthermore, the framework also comprises of an X shaped pattern on both sides of its void facades, thus endowing more visual weight to Lucy.

Via: Design-Milk

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