Ohio Police Officer Builds Lumber Jacked Gym in Coronavirus Lockdown

Ohio Police Officer’s “Lumber Jacked Gym” in Lockdown Inspires Serious Fitness Goals

When Ohio enforced stay-at-home orders due to the impending COVID-19 coronavirus spread, a Jackson County man had to come up with a way to satiate his fitness cravings as his gym also got closed. Meet Zachary Skidmore, a U.S. Army military police officer who built his own outdoor gym on his family’s bucolic property in Jackson, merely 35 miles off the West Virginia border.

My gym closed. So I grabbed a chainsaw and went to work.

Zachary writes in his Facebook post. He grabbed a chainsaw and built what he calls the Lumber Jacked Gym. The idea came to his mind when he saw a fallen tree on his family land and carved it into a bench and dumbbell sets.

Then he thought why not continue as he had loads of time with the lockdown in place. So, Zachary ended up making exercise equipment out of wood for a full-body fitness regime. He carved a leg press, shoulder press, back rowing machine, chest fly, treadmill and, of course, the dumbbells. Also, he created weights from tree logs to provide apt resistance.

He told Storyful;

Some pieces of equipment I drew out before the sun came up to get an idea, but for the most part, I was just making it up as I went along. Between the engineering and planning of how to execute parts, I was going as fast as I could because I wanted to get back to my normal workout routine.

It took him around 60 hours across a time span of two weeks to complete the Lumber Jacked Gym and it is deeply satisfying to see. All the machines look functionally apt to tone the muscles of arms, shoulders, chest, back, and thighs since Skidmore uses varying weights for switching the intensity level.

As Jachary pointed out in his Facebook post;

I managed to satisfy my hunger to work out. I hope you enjoy!

So how are you guys taking advantage of the coronavirus lockdown to keep your physical as well as creative bits running at peak level?

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