LuxFit Fitness Exercise Ball Chair

LuxFit Fitness exercise ball chair is designed to help you stay active and improve your posture in a sitting position. Unlike conventional chairs, this balance ball chair allows you to move and exercise while working on a desk. Designed by health experts, this yoga ball chair will gradually increase the user’s spine and back health. It can even help in preventing certain spine disorders, body stiffness, and risks of developing more health problems in the long run.

The ball chair weighs around 300 pounds and its height can be adjusted to 22 – 25 inches, depending on ball inflation degree. It also comes with large wheels for smoother rolling ability.

After using this fitness chair for a certain period of time, some users have actually noticed certain benefits – such as improvement in their posture, alleviated back and shoulder pain, improved flexibility, and balance, improved core strength, relief from leg pain and arm pain, as well as no discomfort while sitting.

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