Macabre Scopophilia Chair by Fiona Roberts Stares at You with Hundred Eyes

Call it exquisite and unique imagination or maybe denote it as ‘Scopophilia’ or ‘scoptophilia’ which represents the love of looking or gazing. Whatever you name this chair designed by Fiona Roberts, it is one of its kind in the whole wide world. The Australian designer Fiona came up with this idea which looks too weird at first look but gradually it makes you appreciate its appeal and beauty. This Scopophilia chair has numerous eyeballs integrated to it. It may look macabre to some but those who love someone looking at them will definitely unfold their love for this unique chair.

The Scopophilia chair uses plastic eyeballs of different colors. The designer has given every eyeball its own individuality so that it looks weirder. It surely gives a feeling that many different eyes are staring you at once. People who do not like someone gazing or staring at them will not like this chair at all.

Both the upper and the lower cushions of the chair have the eyeballs popping out of them. The background on which the eyeballs are placed is all red which further elevates the design aspects.

Scopophilia chair might not be the most comfortable one but it will surely stand out in a huge crowd of many different chair designs. Fiona actually deserves some appreciation, as it requires a creative bent of mind to think and execute a design like this one!

Via: Technabob/Likecool

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