Dog shower and scrubber

Maci-Fresh Dog Shower Sprayer and Scrubber In-One

An ideal solution for your dog’s bathing needs, the Maci-Fresh Dog Shower Sprayer, with the combination of bath scrubber, makes bathing faster and more entertaining. The bathing tool easily connects with the shower or garden hose, and since you can wear it conveniently in the hand, it reduces stress during bath-time. It allows the use of both hands to bathe and calm your loved one during the bath.

The most fascinating thing about the Maci-Fresh Shower is that its rubber scrubber features adjustable strap on the back so you can wear it comfortably in the palm. It then allows you to soak, scrub and rinse your dog by injecting water deep into her fur.

Bringing home the Maci-Fresh Dog Shower Sprayer and Scrubber combo, you will make sure your pal’s shower time is quick and easy. Your furry friend will love you forever for the pleasant and calming experience you will ensure her.

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