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Magic Calendar – Smart notifications on your wall at a glance

With so much technology around us, we have almost forgotten the importance of the good old calendar, or have we? I would say that physical calendar still has its charm as compared to the digital interface of calendar apps like Google Calendar or other life scheduling applications available on the App Store and iTunes. People who are ultra-busy prefer to schedule their tasks on Google calendar which connects with other applications to synchronize life. But deep down in their heart we all miss the simplicity of a physical calendar.

Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi wanted to somehow get the best of both the worlds together, so he came up with the intuitive idea of developing a calendar that is actually smart. Called as Magic Calendar, this creative project is part of the Google’s Android Experiments program.

The idea is to bring all your activities scheduled in the digital world to the wall of your home. Hence, Magic Calendar is actually an e-ink display which toggles the display elements of the calendar depending on the kind of reminders, schedules and tasks you have on a particular day or any particular time of the day.

So, this smart calendar adopts the ease of use of a traditional calendar and inherits the connected feature of a smartphone to sort every activity in your life just with the glance of an eye.

Magic Calendar is still in its prototype stage, and it would be interesting to see it some to life as a household accessory. For now the smart display works for almost three months on one go on one charge.

And yes I forgot to mention that Tsuboi has also designed a desk-size version of the calendar which looks equally impressive.

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