Main Drain Urinal

Main Drain brings portable urinal attachment for home toilets

Have you ever thought of adding personal urinal into your bathroom? Well, the Main Drain has brought the most convenient solution for guys in form of a portable urinal attachment. It is an adjustable add-on for any existing toilet without requiring any extra tools and cost for plumbing.

This plastic urinal is designed to easily clamp onto the side of any toilet bowl and can also be detached when not required. Due to this easy attachable/detachable option, the unit doesn’t cause any damage to your toilet seat. After attaching it to the toilet seat, you can adjust it to any suitable height for easy use by children to adults.

When you want to use the bidet seat, the urinal can be pushed towards flush tank so that you don’t have to face it while sitting. As it is made of hydrophobic materials, so you can easily clean it just by spraying any cleaning liquid and water into it.

Currently, the project is hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter campaign. You can get this portable toiletry at an early bird price for $35; however its retail price after commercial launch will be $45.

Main Drain Urinal

Portable urinal attachment to turn your bathroom into men’s service station

Main Drain Urinal

It is designed to easily clamp onto the side of any toilet bowl

Via: Ohgizmo

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