Maiullari’s Cooking Box is a Hideaway Mini Kitchen

Maiullari Cooking Box Fits a Full-Fledged Folding Kitchen in it

The concept of down-sized living has made a huge impact on the design industry. You can find a number of examples where multiple features are incorporated in a single unit, whether a furniture piece or appliance. Italian company Maiullari has also achieved something similar with its Cooking Box project.

Similar in shape to a rectangular box, it is a hideaway mini kitchen designed by Giovanni Pesce. The wooden box hides a variety of equipment and compositional solutions inside. From sink and faucet to countertop and storage to an induction hob, it has everything you’ll need to cook and serve.

Each unit comprises a fixed part that can accommodate a hob, sink, oven, fridge, dishwasher, and another opening part on wheels which contains the pantry and a folding table.‎

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The Maiullari Cooking Box is designed for connection of household appliances to both the water supply and the electricity supply.‎ Ideal for small spaces, it takes the concept of compact kitchens to a new level!

Maiullari’s Cooking Box is a Hideaway Mini Kitchen

Image: Maiullari

Maiullari’s Cooking Box is a Hideaway Mini Kitchen

Image: Maiullari

Via: Archiproducts

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