Make your own DIY charcoal grill to enjoy family gatherings in style

Backyard fire pits are a popular landscape feature because they are attractive, functional and ideal for an outdoor gathering. Fire pit is made from fireproof material on a flat piece of land and at least 25 feet away from any house or tree, and they are strictly governed by local building codes. The shape and style of a fire pit can vary according to your choice, the charcoal grill you will be viewing here is round and very much like lollypop-shaped.

How to make a charcoal grill in your backyard

1) You will need a shovel, single wall vent pipe, charcoal grill that can be a used one or new, metal paint can and bricks for this project.

2) To get started you must dig a hole with the shovel in the ground for the grill and the vent pipe.

3) When you are done, prepare the vent base from the metal paint can by tracing wall vent pipe’s one end onto the can with the help of a marker.

4) Once getting the outline on the metal can, cut it accordingly with the help of a cutter and hammer.

5) After you have the cavity, use a metal cutter and add some unattached cuts to the hole, which will provide a firm grip to the vent pipe when it is inserted into the metal paint can.

6) Don’t forget to prepare drainage holes on to the closed side of metal can, as they will offer outlet for water and debris.

By placing four bricks, build the base for the vent.

8) After the vent base is ready, install the vent assembly on to its base and fill the gaps with the soil, leaving both the ends open of the vent assembly.

9) Next you have to prepare the gill, look for the same metal cutter that you have used prior for cutting vents in metal can and cut out some metal pieces from the grill towards its base.

Place an inner grill mesh into the gill and with the use of your precious foot and a hammer shape it according to the grill for clean look and perfect fit in, trim its edges with our same old friend the ‘metal cutter’.

11) Position the grill with metal mesh on the vent assembly with some bricks placed inside to hold it in place, after getting perfect position, once again fill all the gaps around it with soil.

12) Now comes the time to prepare vent entrance that will provide all the air to your charcoal grill fire pit.

13) Place three bricks one to each side of the wall pipe and one slightly little lower in front and cover them up with soil. Make sure you have the vent entrance clogged with some cloth, so that the air passage remains uninterrupted.

Now you should prepare the area around your charcoal grill by adding some more soil, and leveling and smoothing the surface with the help of a shovel.

Then place bricks, upright all round it and tie them with a wire so that they remain in place. You can use a screw driver to further increase the clinch.

16) You are almost there now, prepare mud by adding some water to it and mix it well with the help of the shovel like it is done with the concrete and place this mixture all around the bricks to hold them in place.

Finally it’s all done and your heart must be jumping to see it work. So without wasting a minute, place in some wood in your hard made Charcoal grill and set it on fire to see you sweated work pay-off.

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