Make your garden smart with Edyn gardening system

Edyn Gardening System

Most of the time gardeners sow, water and fertilize their plants based on their intuition. But, it may not work every time in their favor. Sometimes plants’ growth suffers due to sudden change in weather or irrigation conditions, which is not really under your control. To sort such problems, Jason Aramburu has created the Edyn gardening system, which is a smart solution for all gardeners to monitor plants growth according to weather conditions. This device comes with a free downloadable iOS app that controls the device via iPhone and suggests you necessary actions to be taken for healthy plant growth.

Edyn Gardening System

The Edyn gardening system consists of two solar-powered parts: one is Edyn Garden Sensor and another is Edyn Water Valve. Edyn garden sensor is to be inserted within the soil and its Wi-Fi connected sensors start measuring moisture level of the soil and the temperature, humidity, and light conditions of weather. Then, it sends all collected data via internet to Edyn’s Cloud, where an algorithm is set up to analyze the data. After analyzing, it recommends certain actions on its iOS app, which are to be followed by the user. The wireless plant sensor also recommends the user to grow appropriate plants according to weather conditions.

Edyn Gardening System

The solar-powered Edyn water valve also runs on lithium ion battery, which helps it function on cloudy days too. The automated valve connects water source and garden’s irrigation system together and irrigates your garden on basis of data collected by the sensors. Through this, right amount of water is provided to the plants for their proper growth.

Edyn Gardening System

The whole gardening device is so efficient that it can be used anywhere, on terrace gardens or in the backyard garden. Moreover, it is water and fertilizer resistant so its functioning will not be affected during rainfall or when you spray fertilizers on it.

This smart garden monitoring system is currently seeking crowd funding on Kickstarter to raise $100,000. You can pre-order the Edyn sensor for of US$79 and both sensor and valve for US $159. If it successfully achieves its goal on Kickstarter then, your garden woes are surely going to end.

Via: Gizmag

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