Précised tutorial to make a standing LEGO Batman cake at home

How to Make a Standing LEGO Batman Cake at Home

For modern caring mums, there is nothing more special than making superhero-inspired cakes to celebrate the birthdays of their children in a unique way. If your child is a fan of Lego Batman Movie and you want to surprise him/her on her upcoming birthday, then self-learned cake artist Ashlee Marie provides you with every bit of information on her YouTube channel to make a special cake inspired from the movie. A few days ago, she posted a full tutorial video of making a standing LEGO Batman cake at home. If you want to create a similar cake, then you can follow these precise instructions to make one by yourself at home.

  • Build the internal structure that can endure the weight of edible cake pieces and huge layers of chocolate. For this, you have to cut separate MDF boards for base, waist and a round one for the base of cake’s head.
  • You will also need a threaded rod that holds the entire structure in one place. To affix the rod inboards, you have to drill holes on all the boards.
  • After you have added rubber foot to the baseboard, you can move on to screwing up the rod with the baseboard.
  • But before you screw up the headboard, you need to wrap the copper piping around the rod to create a skeleton for its arms. Screws can be used to lock it in one place.    
  • Insert the headboard through the rod and lock it in the right location of the rod using screws.  
  • To ensure the safety of your food, cover the entire structure with melted chocolate, packing tape or some kind of a non-toxic paint.
  • Now you can start decorating the structure with cakes, but it will be better to start from the legs. Cut precise cake pieces for legs, coat them with chocolate ganache and place them over the baseboard somewhere near the central threaded rod as legs of the batman cake.
  • You will need different kinds of piping tips to make holes in cake pieces so that they fit nicely around the rod. As you have put first two layers of cake on the leg portion, you can add straws to keep them in one place. Up next, you have to add two more similar layers for legs but keep in mind to add cake plates before.  
  • Take a knife and file these layers into legs of the Lego Batman cake.
  • Now start working on the body by putting on two cake layers over the waist board and strengthen them with straw pipes. The showing tips of straws can be cut with a scissor.
  • Add cake plates over the straw tips and place the sliced cake block with a hole in the center on it.
  • Leave some area towards the top for the neck, and cut the whole upper portion at an angle to shape its finally, cover it with chocolate ganache.
  • For the head portion of the cake, you have to use three round cakes. Cut ears from the top cake and also add a piece of cake as its nose.
  • Mark proper places for eyes and put in Battery-powered LED lights as its eyes.       

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 For its hands and wrists, black fondant with black gum paste can be used, while modeling chocolate is perfect to shape its arms. Once you have created arms, you can fasten them around the copper piping but it will be better to clamp its hands first.

  • Now cover the whole body with black modeling chocolate and use ivory fondant for making its mouth.
  • For the making a cute face, you can take a big modeling chocolate piece and drape it over the front of its face. Now make use of your hands to craft eyes, eyebrows, nose, and ears by rubbing all areas of the face.
  • Then cut the eye areas where you have placed the glowing lights.
  • Finally, you can start decorating the Batman cake with food colors. You can paint its chest and ribs. You can even use yellow and black fondant to create Batman’s logo and a utility belt. Make an adorable mouth with black remodeling chocolate. 
  • Black wrapping paper can be used for making a lightweight cape for the batman cake.

Using this tutorial, you are not limited to create only a Batman cake, but you can make any lego character using it. All you will need is to change the color combination for the cake decoration, while internal structure will be the same in every case.

If your grandson or child ever asks you to make a standing batman cake, you can try this wonderful method to make one at home. Although making TV-themed standing cakes is not an easy task, but they are really good to impress your kids.     

Via: Gizmodo

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