Make Time Clock

Make Time Clock: Wooden clock to revive your creative side

We all have some hidden passion that fades away while managing day job and other home chores and responsibilities. To help bring out your creative side, Chap Ambrose of Fractured Atlas has created a unique and beautiful table clock to inspire you to balance your creative side with everyday life.

Make Time Clock is a simple tool designed to record your progress. With a single button to clock in during your creative work sessions, it motivates you to spend your extra time by making progress on the side project.

Crafted from solid walnut, the wooden clock is a 3-inch cube fitted with six RGB LEDs on the front face, a metal switch on top and a power cord on back. By simply pressing the button on top, the light displays a breathing glow, which gradually turns solid as soon as the session is complete.

As the work progresses, the lights will begin to fill up. Designed to work on weekly basis, the clock retunes itself on every Monday, thus giving you a natural weekly tempo to explore your creative side.

To keep you personally updated, the clock is paired with a dedicated mobile application, so as the show you your long-term progress. Helping you to visualize and boost your creative ability, the application sends motivational thoughts when you lack motivation for an activity.

Currently on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the clock has already raised $41,878 of $25,000. Expected to be delivered by June, 2016, the Make Time Clock will be a great addition for anyone looking to revive his or her long lost passion for creativity.

Make Time Clock

Structure and design of Make Time Clock

Make Time Clock

Dedicated mobile application to keep you updated on your creative project

Via: DesignTaxi

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