Makerchair – 3D Printed Chair You can Also Make at Home

Have you ever thought of constructing a chair at home using 3D printing technology? It is now possible; all thanks to Joris Laarman, a world-renowned artist who uses 3D printing for many of his artistic creations. This time he invented the Makerchair, a 3D printable chair designed out of 202 3D printed jigsaw puzzle pieces. The puzzle pieces can be printed on any FDM based 3D printers at home. After printing these jigsaw pieces, you can assemble them together according to the instructions to be followed for creating this comfortable jigsaw chair of standard size.

Laarman presented the chair in an exhibition at the Friedman Benda in New York City. He is also allowing everyone to download the 3D puzzle design of Makerchair at BitsAndParts website. Using your 3D printer you can now download the design file and construct the same chair at your home in about 10 days, and manufacturing cost of the supplies will be just $30. The chair can be 3D printed on any 3D printer.

This chair with chess-like black and white designs will suit any home with modern interior. If you are thinking that 202 pieces would be very complex to arrange. Then, don’t worry, because Larrman has also created a modified version of the Makerchair, which needs only 77 jigsaw pieces to make a jigsaw chair having the original size and design ratio.

Via: 3DPrinter

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