Mamoris chair doubles as a hard hat

Mamoris – A Simple Chair that Doubles as Protection Hat

Here is a double duty chair, which doubles not as a furniture item, but as a protective hard hat. Now you must be thinking how a furniture unit is linked with a protective hat? Well, to explain this just consider yourself sitting on the chair, reading the paper when suddenly an earthquake strikes. Then you can immediately turn the chair into a protective helmet and save yourself.

This chair dubbed as the Mamoris is designed by a team of Japanese designers – Yuji Ikawa, who is the co-founders of the manufacturing firm Mamoris, Kota Nezu of Znug design, Inc. and Takayuki Kawai of POPLIFE Inc. to keep people prepared and protected from natural disasters like earthquakes and Tsunami.

As Japan happens to be one of the natural disasters prone country, the designers joined hands and came up with this chair design that is named from a combination of memoru (protect) and isu (chair) words in Japanese. This can be used as a normal chair during regular days, while in the event of a natural disaster, turning the dial on the seat to 90 degrees (to detach the backrest) and use it as a helmet to protect your head as well as your neck and shoulder area.

The Mamoris chair was showcased recently at the Tokyo Designers’ Week 2013. Although this prototype chair is a bit heavy, the designers say that they will make some improvements to reduce its weight to half (about 3 pounds).

If you are thinking about getting one of these to be prepared for the next disaster, then you probably got to wait for sometimes as the designers are in the processes of patenting their invention.

Via: Rocketnews/Gizmodo

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