Bicycle parts desk lamp

Man Builds Desk Lamp From Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Upcycling is an ideal way to safeguard the environment and creatively give new life to trashed items. Focusing on upcycling and its benefits, London-based artist Joe Goldstein, owner of Etsy store Bespoke Spokes, has beautifully converted old bicycle parts into a contemporary desk lamp.

Handcrafted using different parts of an old bicycle, the custom-built desk lamp comes with a built-in on/off switch. It’s a minimal lamp that makes optimum use of rim, multiple freewheels and cogs to make a perfectly arched lighting object. Freewheels and cogs stacked on each other and welded together act as the base of the lamp.

Priced at $450.72, recycled bike headlamp supporting E14 bulb fitting and a standard plug socket houses the bulb. Appealing to the eyes, the buyer can also provide his/her own components to give the desk lamp a personalized touch.

The average time taken to build one piece is around one month, and it entirely depends on the availability of bicycle parts and components.

Giving new life to discarded bicycles, this bicycle desk lamp not only brings uniqueness to interiors but also offers a chance to be an environmentalist.

Bicycle parts desk lamp

Desk lamp made from upcycled bicycle parts

Bicycle parts desk lamp

The custom-built lamp uses the rim to form a giant “C”

Bicycle parts desk lamp

Handcrafted desk lamp gives new life to discarded bicycle parts


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