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Naked House by Marc Gerritsen

Marc Gerritsen’s Naked House Greets You with Openness and Solitude

While most of us crave for luxury and comfort in our homes; photographer, designer and architect Marc Gerritsen desires good clean air, solitude, and wide open space. Having lived in Taiwan and worked on projects photographing luxurious properties and hotels over many parts of Asia, Gerritsen wanted to settle in a meaningful architecture, far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

After purchasing 587sqm of land in Koh Samui, Gerritsen began giving shape to his dream – a house which offers a retreat from city life and opens new realms of openness and quietness – thus giving birth to the Naked House.

Naked House is a contemporary home with fantastic views as it house boasts an open living room with doors that slide completely to offer the residents a view of the swimming pool and the wide ocean outside (this is from where the name originates).

Made from simple materials like concrete, steel, wood and glass, the house is a five-story building with everything simple sans any embellishments that we presume mandatory in our homes.

The Naked House comprises of a large see-through living room, two bedrooms and a master bedroom with a freestanding open-air bathroom. The kitchen is really simple, without any overhead cabinets and life-size fridge, instead, Gerritsen has built a pantry, which offers all the storage space.

The house doesn’t boast off many green credentials but there are a plant room, an office and maid room. The house is still work-in-progress.

Via: ArchDaily

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