The Sub- Beer Machine by Marc Newson

Marc Newson’s latest draft beer machine is shaped like a Mac Pro

You must be aware of by now, product designer Marc Newson is a new member at Apple. So far, he is quiet about what he is working on part-time with Jony Ive at Apple, but the renowned designer these days is busy with promotions of his latest beer machine- The Sub that closely resembles Mac Pro with a nozzle on top.

As a consistent beer drinker Newson decided to team up with Dutch brewing company Heineken and technology company Krups to produce a draft beer machine for beer lovers, who like brewing beer themselves at home.

According to Newson,

This will make available all different types of brands of beer around the world to people who would otherwise never be able to experience them. And if they could experience them they would be in a bottle or can, certainly not in a draft format. It’s really a kind of revolutionary shift in terms of this particular product.

The Sub is 16-inches tall with a rounded black metal beer cask (shaped like a Mac Pro) resting horizontally on a base with meshed sides. There is a red power button at front to start the device and a handle at one end to open and re-seal the tap nozzle. The handle on top is used to pour only the required amount of beer into your glass, rather than filling the whole glass that you can’t finish. This machine can be filled with pressurized modules called Torps, which hold two liters of beer, and can be ordered to contain your favorite Heineken brand of brew.

First units of The Sub will be available commercially this autumn in a silver finish, but its pricing is not mentioned yet. If you’re craving after the black version, then you’ll be disappointed to know that it is a limited edition model only available in France and Italy. However, we would like to know about your opinion on design of this Mac Pro-shaped draft beer machine. Does it remind you of Mac Pro or not?

The Sub- Beer Machine by Marc Newson

The Sub is designed like a Mac Pro

The Sub- Beer Machine by Marc Newson

Circular compartment sits on a black meshed base

The Sub- Beer Machine by Marc Newson

The nozzle at top allows you to serve appropriate amount of beer into your glass

Via: Dezeen

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