Marguerite nap pod with horse hair upholstery

Aron and Karine Nicolet of French design studio Kaarondesign have teamed up with local upholsterer Benjamin Mendes to make use of a vintage technique of padding furniture with horse hair. This padding technique dates back to 16th century when it replaced the marsh grass, but over time synthetic fibers have replaced it too. The design team has worked for two years to create Marguerite, a modernist nap pod stuffed with horse hair and flax. For structural support, the frameless pod has weaved strings.    

This unique rest pod is made by stuffing the main frame with horse hair to a height of 50 cm to 150 cm, and then pocketing in linen patterns. The entire outer covering is sewn by points to a thickness of 6 cm to stiffen the soft materials. It is a cozy nook to take a quick nap and reading some books. Its padded composition looks comfortable for relaxation, while combination grey upholstery and blue cover make it an inviting piece of furniture for homes.

Although, Marguerite sleeping nook doesn’t look spacious, but still it has enough space for a person to cuddle up in a quilt. It is a cozy cave meant for reading and holing up for short periods. If you’re looking for a rest pod, it can be a good alternative.  

Marguerite nap pod by Kaarondesign

Cozy furniture padded with horse hair and flax

Marguerite nap pod by Kaarondesign

Cozy cave to take a nap or read your favorite books

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